Timoga Cold Springs in Iligan City, Philippines

The plan for that Saturday was to visit Timoga Cold Springs and the Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House. I’ll write about the latter on another post so that I could concentrate here on Timoga Cold Springs.

Iligan City is nicknamed the City of Majestic Waterfalls. From this you would deduce there is an abundance of water in the area and Timoga Cold Springs are one product of that abundance.

7:34 AM – After meeting at Jollibee Aguinaldo and walking to the intersection ofAraneta St. and Roxas Ave. in Iligan City we were now on board a jeepney bound for Buru-un. (Same route of the jeepney we rode for our 3-waterfall, 1 day adventure.) We told the driver to drop us off at Timoga and we payed 12 Pesos/person.



Stores in front of Timoga Cold Springs

7:57 AM – We arrived at the vicinity of the Timoga Cold Springs. 23 minutes travel time. Somewhere after the stop for Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls.

We have not had breakfast yet, we decided to have breakfast at the stores on the other side of the road.



This was what we ate. A half-kilo of roasted chicken and puso (rice.)


8:22 AM – Burppp! We crossed the road and proceeded to enter one of the resorts of Timoga Cold Springs.

Timoga Cold Springs, or simply Timoga as locals call it, is a group of resorts in an area in Iligan City. According to friends that I talked to, there are 7 resorts to choose from. 5 of them are located along the highway and 2 of them at the back. Different resorts have different opening and closing time, also different rules. Most of them do not offer overnight stay but when I was still in high school we went on one of the resorts and stayed there overnight. I’m not sure though which one offers overnight stay or was it a special arrangement.

Since I wanted to have a swim practice, we decided that we shall enter Dela Mar Resort. Dela Mar Resort has a olympic size pool and a 16-feet deep pool.

We payed the entrance fee (100 Pesos/person) and also payed for a table (100 Pesos/table, depending on the size).



The pool near the entrance.



What I like about Timoga Cold Springs is that all swimming pools are drained at night and cleaned and then filled up again for the next day. And even during the daytime water was continuously being drained and replenished. Also no chlorine added. In short you’re like swimming on a waterfalls water on a swimming pool setting.




What I do not like about Dela Mar Resort was this videoke machine with high volume and people decided to sing at 9:00 AM in the morning!!! I wish they would not allow videoke machines. Sorry guys. I’d prefer a quiet setting.




10:00 AM – When we arrived, most of the people there were doing laps and practicing swimming. At around this time leisure swimmers (barkadas and families) entered the resort.

Since we had enough of swimming for that day, we changed our clothes and packed our stuff and left for our next destination.

10:34 AM – We were out of Dela Mar Resort and now walking to the Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House.


How much did we spent on our visit to Timoga Cold Spring and Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House?

I shall include the Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House in the budget since we only gave a donation there and the other expenses are for Timoga Cold Springs.

Note: We were 2 persons when we went there.


12 Pesos Jeepney from Iligan City Proper to Timoga 12 Pesos/person (one-way)
40 Pesos 1/2 kilo of roasted chicken (Breakfast) 160 Pesos/kilo
24 Pesos Puso (rice) – 3 pieces (Breakfast) 8 Pesos/piece
18 Pesos Coffee (Breakfast) 18 Pesos/cup
100 Pesos Dela Mar Resort Entrance Fee 100 Pesos/person
50 Pesos Dela Mar Resort Table rental (Small table) 100 Pesos/table
25 Pesos Donation to Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House 50 Pesos
12 Pesos Jeepney from Timoga to Iligan City Proper 12 Pesos/person (one-way)
281 Pesos TOTAL  



Timoga Cold Spring Details

This is actually the details of Dela Mar Resort when we went there. Like I said above, there are different resorts in the area. We just chose to take a swim at Dela Mar Resort.

Operating Hours

6AM-6PM Daily


100 Pesos/person – Entrance Fee (1 day)

100 Pesos/table – Table Rental Fee for a small table



How to get to Timoga Cold Springs

First you need to be in Iligan City Proper. You can do that by checking my post here.

From Iligan City Proper walk to the intersection of Araneta St. & Roxas Ave, check the map here. There are Buru-un bound jeeps that would be passing by there.

Ride a Buru-un bound jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off Timoga Cold Springs. You can also just say Timoga. Fare was 12 Pesos/person. Travel Time was around 25 minutes.



How to go back to Iligan City Proper

Just go back the same way you went there.




You can buy some food you can bring inside just across the road. Please be careful when crossing.

If you’re more into a somewhat natural setting try the resort beside Dela Mar Resort, which is Mimars Resort. You can check photos on this in the blog post ofIronWulf.net.

If you’re just there to swim with less crowd go there during it’s opening where swimmers are there. It gets busy after 10:00 PM.


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