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5 Things Must To See in Xinjiang

Anybody who has lived abroad knows that having friends and family come to visit is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a lot of fun to introduce them to your foreign home but also quite a bit of work to keep them happy and entertained.

Having lived in Xinjiang, the largest and westernmost region in China, for almost 10 years now, there have been a number of times where family have come to visit. The longer we live here, the more I notice the one thing I love most about hosting travelers in Xinjiang: seeing my home through fresh eyes.

Muztagh Tower peak and sheep, Pamir Mountains, Karakoram Highway. Xinjiang province, China

You know how it goes: you live somewhere long enough, you tend to overlook those cities, landmarks or panoramic views that once sparked a sense of excitement and wonder. It’s easy to forget that where you live is unlike anywhere else in the world...

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What You Need to Consider Before Moving to China

China is a unique country with a culture like no other, a deep history, delicious food, and cities that seem to grow more and more every day. Making the decision to move to China is incredibly exciting. However, before arriving in China, there is a lot to think about and plan for. Here are 5 important things to consider before making your big move:

1. Getting There



Getting to China is not known for being cheap. Depending on where you are coming from, a one way flight can be well over one thousand dollars. However, here are a few things you can do to help you get to China, and still have some money leftover:

  1. Be flexible
    Being flexible with your flight can easily cut your plane price in half...
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Must-try foods when visiting China

This question is akin to asking “I’m going to the Western hemisphere, what should I eat?”. Watch “A bite of China” (the first season is on youtube) to get some tips on the variety and styles of cooking available. In general you’ll want to specifically avoid anything you might be familiar with (e.g. fried rice, fried noodles, sweet & sour etc. – that’s if you can find them!) as you’ll just be disappointed because you’ll probably be expecting a better version of what you’ve had before and you won’t get it.


Also, avoid desserts – Westerners are used to having dessert courses which are often very rich and sweet, whereas the very concept of dessert, or “sweet things” 甜点 as they’re known, is quite new here...

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