Top 8 Things To Do in New Zealand

New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country and has a huge variety of amazing activities to do. After having visited New Zealand three times in the last 9 years . I have put together a Top 8 list of things to do in New Zealand. There are in no particular order but I have personally experienced all of them and in my opinion the activities below rank amongst the best things to do in New Zealand.Take a magical boat trip deep into the heart of the Fiordland National Park on New Zealand’s South Island.

1.   Milford Sound

Mitre Peak Cruises are an excellent option for the cruise – who offer a smaller boat with limited passenger numbers and a more intimate experience where you can get closer to the scenery.


$   From $70 per adult and $17 per child.

7 times daily in peak season, starti...

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10 tips for Solo Camping Australia

There is nothing like a campfire in the bush and sleeping in a swag under the Australian sky. While I have been on guided Outback Safari Tours, I had never been camping alone before. On my 5th solo trip I wanted to push myself further out of my comfort zone andexperience solo camping in Australia, for the first time. So, I was very excited to see how camping alone is like.


My solo camping adventure started in Cairns and took me through amazing landscapes, from Cairns to Cape Tribulation, Mossman to the Atherton Tablelands, the Mareeba wetlands to the Waterfalls circuit, south of Cairns.

Before telling you about my experience and showing the places I discovered on my seven-days Solo Camping Trip in Tropical North Queensland, I have put together a list with 10 tips for travelling and campin...

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Port Douglas – Snorkeling Tour on the Great Barrier Reef

For my third solo trip to North Tropical Queensland I was keen to go snorkeling again. I had been on snorkeling tours before but my experience was disappointing. I didn’t like jumping from the boat, snorkelling around and coming back to the boat shivering and exhausted.

What I wanted was time for snorkeling and relaxing on a peaceful island with no crowds.  Moreover I wanted to go on an eco snorkeling tour that cares about protecting andpreserving the natural environment of the Great Barrier Reef.

While searching I found out about Sailaway Snorkel and Island Tours  in Port Douglas. After reading through their website I thought, this is my Great Barrier Reef Tour.


Sailaway offer guided snorkeling tours with instructions in the water...

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Top 5 Things to do in Perth

Perth is the sunniest Australian city with the largest city parkland of the world. Thanks to its perfect climate throughout the year it offers a laid-back lifestyle that is hard to beat.

I have been three times to Perth and every time I seem to like it more and more. Amongmany things to do in Perth, here are my top five things to add to your bucket list to make the most of your trip to the Western Australia capital city.

5 things to do in Perth for first time travellers

If you are planning a trip to Perth plan 3-5 days at least.  Here my picks on what to do in Perth for a short stay.


  • The  jewel of Perth – Kings Park
    Kings Park, the largest city park in the world, is the the green soul of Perth...
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Ko Phra Thong

In Thai, phra thong means golden Buddha, and a legend tells of how a valuable solid gold Buddha image was buried somewhere on the island hundreds of years ago. Any treasure hunters seem to have given up their searches long ago, which isn’t surprising given Ko Phra Thong’s unforgivingly hot and expansive savannah landscape.


Totally unique not only in Thailand but all of Southeast Asia, visitors toKo Phra Thong often remark that the landscape looks strikingly similar to the savannahs of Africa, except that it’s sand lizards and kingfishers that roam rather than lions and gazelles...

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People say Thailand simply offers it all to travellers in a neat, great-value package — whether you’re an independent budget backpacker wanting to explore off the beaten track, or a well-heeled tourist looking for an exclusive slice of paradise.

Rough it while trekking through mist-shrouded mountains; be astounded by teeming aquatic life as you plunge into turquoise waters for a dip; or savour a romantic pool villa for a perfect luxury honeymoon — you can do it all in the Land of Smiles.


Thailand has been on the international backpacker beat for decades now, and while backpackers are making the most of ever-increasing budget flights to Thailand, these days luxury travellers bolster the numbers too.

From the food and spas, to the temples and culture, Thailand is a land steeped in fascinati...

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