7 Most Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

Singapore, being one of the liveliest and exciting cities in Asia, offers a wide variety of opportunities for a good time. This is especially true if you are looking to impress a date and have an amazing, unforgettable experience. Even though everyone has a different idea of a “romantic date” – some prefer the calmness and serenity of nature, while others enjoy the sleek line of ultra-modern establishments, one thing is a must for everyone looking to introduce a little bit of romance into their lives.


The essential component of a romantic date is a wonderful restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere, where you can take in the memorizing views while talking with your date over a great drink and a memorable meal...

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5 Places to Watch Singapore Sunset

Nothing can be more beautiful and ecstatic than watching a sunset. The moment becomes even more memorable when you share these captivating moments with your loved ones. In Singapore, you will come across many such spots from where you can witness the stunning sunset. However, every destination might not offer you a perfect scene.

5 Places to Watch Sunset in Singapore

Visit one of these spots mentioned below for making truly memorable moments in Singapore. These places offer amazing view of sunset in Singapore, which you would love to capture in your camera or smartphone.

1- Changi Point Coastal Walk


This 2.6km long walking path at Changi Point Coastal Walk comprises of six sections. It is completely up to you from which section you want to start your walking trip...

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Islands to explore in Singapore for a short Getaway Trip

There is nothing more relaxing than an island retreat for a short getaway trip in Singapore. There are a number of islands that you can explore in Singapore. The islands offer a unique experience, resorts, camping, hiking, biking experiences and much more.

Singapore is a place to chill and relax in the translucent waters. The turquoise foam surf invites you to the dreamy islands around Singapore. You can run out of vocabulary once you get to see the islands in Singapore. The islands are a little piece of paradise. One can starve to see the amazing coasts to chill out.


The place is full of beaches; therefore islands add a spectacular touch of variety to its beauty...

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Bali – Ubud

For my first few nights in Ubud I stayed at Narasoma. It is in Beji Lane, just off Monkey Forest Road in a small lane and is gorgeous accommodation and very, very quiet. I think it was really good value for 90,000 rupiah per night. There are only four rooms, on the second and third stories of a family house (in a traditional walled family compound). The rooms are large, with lovely high ceilings and a good bed. There is a good sized bathroom with shower and bath and a ceiling fan. The rooms open onto a little balcony on one side (overlooking a small valley) and onto a veranda on the other side. Breakfast is included and there is a fridge on the veranda for guest use.

bali ubud
Then I stayed at Gandra House for about 6 weeks...

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West Sumatra – Bukittingi and Padang

Just returned from three months lazing away in West Sumatra. I stayed in three places (yes…only three places in three months. I wasn’t kidding when I said I was ‘lazing’). I spent a few nights in Padang, and about 6 weeks divided between Bukittingi and Danau Maninjau.

I thought a report on accommodation etc might be useful for people travelling to this area. This is part 1, about Bukittingi, and I’ll write about Lake Maninjau and Padang in the next part.


First of all, if you are considering a trip to this area all I can say is GO!! Luscious scenery, low prices, fascinating culture and not too many other tourists. The other plus is that it’s so easy to get to from Singapore or S/E Asia...

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Lake Maninjau – Indonesia

I arrived at Lake Maninjau last week.  The last time I was here was 5 years ago, and, sadly for the locals, tourist numbers are WAY down now.  So, if you’re looking for somewhere quiet, beautiful, and not very touristy – come here!!  

Over the past 5 years I think I’ve spent about 2 years travelling to different places in Indonesia and SE Asia – and I think Maninjau is my favorite place.   It is beautiful, the locals are friendly and have a fascinating culture and the guesthouses are quiet and well-run. I think it’s a hidden gem on the SE Asian backpacker trail. 


I flew into Padang from KL, on Air Asia which is just a 1 hour flight, and then got a taxi to Maninjau...

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