What You Need to Consider Before Moving to China

China is a unique country with a culture like no other, a deep history, delicious food, and cities that seem to grow more and more every day. Making the decision to move to China is incredibly exciting. However, before arriving in China, there is a lot to think about and plan for. Here are 5 important things to consider before making your big move:

1. Getting There



Getting to China is not known for being cheap. Depending on where you are coming from, a one way flight can be well over one thousand dollars. However, here are a few things you can do to help you get to China, and still have some money leftover:

  1. Be flexible
    Being flexible with your flight can easily cut your plane price in half...
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Must-try foods when visiting China

This question is akin to asking “I’m going to the Western hemisphere, what should I eat?”. Watch “A bite of China” (the first season is on youtube) to get some tips on the variety and styles of cooking available. In general you’ll want to specifically avoid anything you might be familiar with (e.g. fried rice, fried noodles, sweet & sour etc. – that’s if you can find them!) as you’ll just be disappointed because you’ll probably be expecting a better version of what you’ve had before and you won’t get it.


Also, avoid desserts – Westerners are used to having dessert courses which are often very rich and sweet, whereas the very concept of dessert, or “sweet things” 甜点 as they’re known, is quite new here...

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Tokyo – Quick Travel Guide

Tokyo is a crazy, frenetic, and amazing. This is a high-tech city that is the center of Japan. Here you can visit the imperial palace, the morning fish market, see the beautiful cherry blossoms, party in the Tokyo’s trendy nightlife district, and eat lots of good food. I love Tokyo. It’s one of my favorite cities. It’s not cheap, but I love the modernity in the city and the fact that in a city of so many people, people still don’t lock their doors!


Typical Costs

Hostel prices – Many hostels costs between $35-40 USD per night. The cheapest places to stay in Tokyo are the pod hotels – and they are quite the experience!

Budget hotel prices – Private rooms cost around $130 USD for a double room in a hotel which normally includes breakfast...

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Hiroshima – Historic Place

For most people, Hiroshima is familiar because of the atomic bombing that occurred here, but beyond this exterior, it is a city rich in cultural history with plenty to do. Visit one of the many museums, attend one of their festivals (don’t miss the oyster festival in February), and dine out in one of their 4,000 bars and restaurants. It’s a beautiful city that has recovered greatly since its bomb-scarred past.


Typical Costs

Hostel prices – There are only a few options in the city, but they are a good value. Expect to pay about $25 USD per night for a dorm. Privates start at about $35 USD. All the hostels have free wi-fi.

Budget hotel prices – A night in a centrally located hotel is about $45 USD for single bed room...

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49 Facts About Japan You Need To Know

I’m currently in Japan on a G Adventures tour, and I’m loving every minute of it. Japan has far exceeded my expectations, though I’m definitely not eating enough sushi. In four days, I’ve only had it twice. For someone so addicted to sushi, that just feels so wrong. I’ll be rectifying that soon enough, though (tomorrow for lunch).

facts about japan

Japan is a country with a fascinating culture and history, so I thought I’d share some of the interesting facts I’ve learned about it:

1. Japan has the world’s third-largest economy, behind the US and China.

2. There are 127 million people living in the country.

3. The founding of Japan and the imperial line dates back to 660 BC. National Foundation Day is a national holiday and is celebrated on February 11th.


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Japan – Be Smart and Save Your Money

For years, I’ve been putting off going to Japan because I was afraid of how expensive it would be. The rumors I’d heard about the country’s high prices made me hesitant to go. I’ve always loved Japanese culture, and I knew any visit would involve gorging on sushi and ramen, visits to lots of temples, and heavy train travel through the countryside. And the thought of how much that would cost always made me think, “I’ll wait until I have more money.”


But at the end of April, I had the chance to finally visit. I was shocked to discover that, while it isn’t cheap, Japan isn’t the prohibitively expensive country people may think it is. In fact, I actually found Japan to be very affordable and on par with (and sometimes cheaper than) countries in Western Europe.

Here’s how muc...

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