Islands to explore in Singapore for a short Getaway Trip

There is nothing more relaxing than an island retreat for a short getaway trip in Singapore. There are a number of islands that you can explore in Singapore. The islands offer a unique experience, resorts, camping, hiking, biking experiences and much more.

Singapore is a place to chill and relax in the translucent waters. The turquoise foam surf invites you to the dreamy islands around Singapore. You can run out of vocabulary once you get to see the islands in Singapore. The islands are a little piece of paradise. One can starve to see the amazing coasts to chill out.



The place is full of beaches; therefore islands add a spectacular touch of variety to its beauty. The amazing sunsets on the islands in Singapore are among the many things that you don’t want to miss while your short getaway trip to the islands in Singapore.


Islands in Singapore

Below are some of the recommended islands in Singapore to visit for a short getaway trip.

Pulau Ubin




Thousands of visitors are received on the Pulau Ubin as it is one of the famous islands in Singapore. The island offers bold adventures to the visitors with biking trails, hiking and other activities. The rich ecosystem in Singapore, the Chek Jawa Wetlands is located on the island of Pulau Ubin. Animals such as wild boars, mouse-deers and hornbills are glimpsed during the short getaways on this island. The quarries are the best sights on the island.

It is one of the very few underdeveloped places left in Singapore which is perfect for the city slickers to get away from their hectic lives. You need to take a get to Changi Point Ferry Terminal & take a bumboat at a price of $2 to get to the Pulau Ubin Island. It is only a 15 minutes ride from the Changi Ferry Terminal.


Pulau Hantu

The enthusiasts of snorkeling and diving love to come to the Pulau Hantu. It is a southern island which boasts lagoons and sheltered beaches. A variety of reefs, corals and species of marine life such as damsel fishes, clown fishes, wrasses and sea horses are often glimpsed occasionally. The campers favor the island due to its clean environment.

The meaning of Pulau Hantu is ‘Ghost Island’ in Malay. The name refers to the way the island is lost when the tide is high. To get to the Pulau Hantu, get a boat from the boat operators on the West Coast Pier. If you’re looking to camp at the island overnight then you need to take permission from Sentosa Leisure Group.


Pulau Semakau





Pulau Semakau is also located in the south. The island is famous because of the Semakua Landfill site. In the past few years the island has been transformed into an eco-getaway with mangroves and coral population. To get to the Pulau Semakau Island, you can book a tour through the NEA website.


St. John’s Island

The St. John’s Island is about 6.5 km away from Singapore. The picture perfect lagoons, beaches, picnic grounds, soccer fields and trekking routes make it a frequent visited island in Singapore. It can be your perfect getaway because of beautiful bungalow chalets.

A pilgrimage is held on the island each year in October. Apart from October, St John’s Island is deserted the entire year. Take a ferry from the Marina South Pier at a price of $18. It takes only 45 minutes to reach the St. John’s Island.


Batam Island



Batam is an island next to Singapore. The place is not only about luxury golf and resorts. It is a gateway to the remaining Indonesia. The islands hold a number of attractions. The Singapore’s ferry terminal Tanah Merah is used to reach Batam Island with a passport.

The beautiful seaside spots and scenic drive towards the south marks the charm of Batam. The landmark of the island is its Barelang Bridge. Melur Beach is the finest shoreline of the island. You can spend your whole life in this place and still not get tired of the spa treatments and luxury massages. A ferry service is available to get to the Batam Island at a price of $34 in just 45 minutes.


Sister’s Island

Sister’s Island is divided into two islands with sandy shores and rich coral reefs. The islands have a legend attached to it about a widow who had two daughters. The islands are separated through a narrow channel with dangerous currents. The islands are a perfect place for snorkeling in the blue waters and relaxing sun. The shady palms and shelters are popular for camping and picnic.

The gorgeous reefs of Singapore provide shelter to crabs, fishes and other marine life on the islands. It is only 15 minutes away from the city. To get to the Sister’s Island a fast work boat from the Marina South Pier is taken. The boat service is open 24 hours a day.


Kusu Island



Kusu Island is located on the South of Singapore. It is about 5.6 kilometers in the south of Singapore’s main island. The word ‘Kusu’ is a Chinese word which means ‘Tortoise’ and ‘Turtle’. In Malay it is also well known as Peak Island. Kusu Island was transformed into a holiday resort.

Thousands of devotees come to this island on a pilgrimage for peace, good health, prosperity, happiness and wealth. Taking a fast boat, one can reach the Kusu Island in 15 minutes.

These are some of the best islands in Singapore to visit for a short getaway trip. If you want to suggest an island to the list then please do so by adding comments below.






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