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Diving in Malapascua

Idyllic Malapascua is just a teeny blip on the Philippine’s tourism radar in comparison to bigger stars like Boracay or Palawan — and that’s part of what makes it so alluring to those who do make the arduous journey to get there. Those that do are mainly in pursuit of diving experiences
that are hard to replicate elsewhere, like spotting shy thresher sharks or getting up close and personal at a sea snake breeding ground.

While time and budget constraints kept me from exploring the underwater world of Malapascua to the extent that I desired, I did get a taste of what it is that attracts scuba enthusiasts from around the world.

Monad Shoal Thresher Shark Dive


Malapascua’s most famous dive is at the Monad Shoal, where boats assemble before sunrise, filled with divers hoping to s...

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Timoga Cold Springs in Iligan City, Philippines

The plan for that Saturday was to visit Timoga Cold Springs and the Macaraeg-Macapagal Ancestral House. I’ll write about the latter on another post so that I could concentrate here on Timoga Cold Springs.

Iligan City is nicknamed the City of Majestic Waterfalls. From this you would deduce there is an abundance of water in the area and Timoga Cold Springs are one product of that abundance.

7:34 AM – After meeting at Jollibee Aguinaldo and walking to the intersection ofAraneta St. and Roxas Ave. in Iligan City we were now on board a jeepney bound for Buru-un. (Same route of the jeepney we rode for our 3-waterfall, 1 day adventure.) We told the driver to drop us off at Timoga and we payed 12 Pesos/person.


Stores in front of Timoga Cold Springs

7:57 AM – We arrived at the vicinity of th...

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Cheding’s Peanuts – Philippines Delicacy

One of the reasons why I always avail of check-in luggage when I go to Iligan City is the Cheding’s Toasted Peanuts, or just Cheding’s Peanut. Cheding’s Peanut is widely known in Iligan as the tasty peanut that came from Iligan. It’s really good that when my uncle who works abroad knew that I was documenting Iligan City he told me that I should buy him 2 kilos of the peanuts. When I went home I had 4 kilos of Cheding’s Peanut in 1/4 kilo packages (52.50 Pesos/piece). Then the half-kilo of peanuts we placed during the my Lolo’s birthday party was quickly consumed.


When I was still in College I went to Iligan and gave my classmates Cheding’s Peanut and all those who gave feedback said that it tasted good.

So far in all my life, this is the best peanut I have tasted...

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7 Top Things to Do in Iligan City -Philippines

For a small city, Iligan City has many interesting things you can try. Most of what’s written below are about food but what Iligan can be proud of is their waterfalls. In fact Iligan City is nicknamed the City of Majestic Waterfalls.

Here are interesting things you can do and places to visit in Iligan City as part of myTravel Guide there.

1. Waterfalling


Waterfalling actually means waterfalls hopping and in Iligan you can do this as most of the waterfalls are just less than an hour from the city proper. But if you have limited time you should not miss Tinago Falls, Maria Cristina Falls and Dodiongan Falls.

If you have not been to the waterfalls of Iligan City, then you have not been to Iligan City.

2. Lechon

Of all the Lechons in the Philippines, this lechon from Iligan City is th...

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Diving in Donsol – Oustanding Expirience

So far, Donsol had been a bit of a bust. It had been a mission to get there, and thus far the fireflies and whale sharks had been a disappointment. But we had one more creature left on our list to see — manta rays. We had arrived in the middle of peak season for the Manta Bowl, a famous bay for spotting those majestic pelagics that both Heather and I were lucky enough to swim with back in Hawaii in September.


The Manta Bowl is an advanced dive — divers descend to the bottom of a 60 foot underwater valley, tether themselves to the ocean floor using metal hooks to resist the strong currents, and watch in awe as mantas queue up for a spot at the cleaning station, where cleaner wrasse remove parasites from their skin...

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