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Visiting the Philippines is big fun. Perfect beaches. Friendly locals. Beautiful nature.Plus, it’s a cheap country to travel, you’ll get a great value for your money. I’ve been four times to the Philippines and spent in total more than eight months there and hell… This place blew my mind 😮 Whenever I meet travelers, I encourage them to go to Philippines, because for some reasons, people are still hesitant and stick to the ordinary “Thailand-Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam Route”. Don’t miss out on such an amazing country!! In my opinion, Philippines is better than all of these countries together. And I tell you why!


The hospitality of Filipinos is incomparable to the rest of the world.

philippines people

In my experience, from all the Asians I have met,Filipinos are the most kind and fri...

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Hiking Amongst Volcanoes on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing

ew Zealanders have an affinity for the outdoors. Whether that is a trip to the beach, or a walk in the bush, much of New Zealand takes advantage of the wealth of pristine natural landscapes that the North and South Island offer.

New Zealand is also a country that is proud of its mountaineering heritage. Likely the most popular New Zealander is Sir Edmund Hillary, a mountaineer who grew up a long ways from the mountains in the farmland south of Auckland, but went on to be the first person to summit Everest – using Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak, as his training ground.


While not all New Zealanders are alpinists, many of them have a passion for tramping. Tramping translates to hiking, or more specifically heading out for long and often multi-day walks in the hills...

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Top 8 Things To Do in New Zealand

New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country and has a huge variety of amazing activities to do. After having visited New Zealand three times in the last 9 years . I have put together a Top 8 list of things to do in New Zealand. There are in no particular order but I have personally experienced all of them and in my opinion the activities below rank amongst the best things to do in New Zealand.Take a magical boat trip deep into the heart of the Fiordland National Park on New Zealand’s South Island.

1.   Milford Sound

Mitre Peak Cruises are an excellent option for the cruise – who offer a smaller boat with limited passenger numbers and a more intimate experience where you can get closer to the scenery.


$   From $70 per adult and $17 per child.

7 times daily in peak season, starti...

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