About Us

If you’re like us, there’s a yearning inside of you to TRAVEL. You’re tired of life in the hamster wheel and you just want to reclaim a little freedom back.

A chance to just slip into a hammock undisturbed at sunset with an ice cold drink and a slow sway to the tunes of your favourite song.

Maybe it’s something more you want to escape to – a trek to Machu Picchu, teaching English in Asia, or a gap year that turns into three – like ours did.

Travel is something that’s hard to define because each of us have our own interpretation of what the ultimate form of travel looks like.

I’m sure we can all agree that travel allows us to escape the everyday formalities, giving us a sense of ownership over our lives. It offers an exotic spark of adventure and discovery that our day-to-day lives seem to gloss over.

You just want more time to elevate your happiness and sense of inner peace.

You want the chance to tell more enriching stories and have something to laugh about in the years to come.


We get your vibe

We caught the travel bug 16 years ago, and have been traveling on-and-off ever since. It’s our absolute passion to help others follow the same bliss. And we’ve been changing people’s lives on this travel blog since 2010.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We’re Caz and Craig Makepeace a married couple from the Central Coast of Australia, but we like to call the world our home.

We’re serial travel addicts and have lived in 5 countries and had adventures through 52.

Life is about, accumulating memories, not just possessions and now we’re creating those precious memories with our two daughters as we road trip around Australia.

If you’re looking for a place to further fuel your desire for travel and a little push to help you believe you can do it, you’re in the right place.

From dreams to reality, we want to help you travel more and create better memories.


How we can help you

We’re here to tell you your life does not have to fit in a box. Screw the picket fence, the full-time job that sucks you dry, and the monotonous peak hour traffic runs.

You can have this, if you want, but, we’re pretty sure you don’t. You at least want to escape your everyday life for weekends and a few weeks during the year.

We’re here to show you you can travel the world on little dime, you can rock up in a country where you know no one and have life-changing experiences, you can travel with the one you love and have a thriving relationship, and you can create a strong life-long bond with your children through the shared memories of travel.


And just to be clear, we’ve traveled long-term without a trust fund, without special privileges, or well-connected friends. We’ve made it happen with an intense desire and by putting one foot in front of the other.

It’s all about life by design and we’re here to show you how.

We share all our tips and strategies for traveling in a way that you love WITHOUT costing a fortune.