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Port Douglas – Snorkeling Tour on the Great Barrier Reef

For my third solo trip to North Tropical Queensland I was keen to go snorkeling again. I had been on snorkeling tours before but my experience was disappointing. I didn’t like jumping from the boat, snorkelling around and coming back to the boat shivering and exhausted.

What I wanted was time for snorkeling and relaxing on a peaceful island with no crowds.  Moreover I wanted to go on an eco snorkeling tour that cares about protecting andpreserving the natural environment of the Great Barrier Reef.

While searching I found out about Sailaway Snorkel and Island Tours  in Port Douglas. After reading through their website I thought, this is my Great Barrier Reef Tour.


Sailaway offer guided snorkeling tours with instructions in the water...

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Top 5 Things to do in Perth

Perth is the sunniest Australian city with the largest city parkland of the world. Thanks to its perfect climate throughout the year it offers a laid-back lifestyle that is hard to beat.

I have been three times to Perth and every time I seem to like it more and more. Amongmany things to do in Perth, here are my top five things to add to your bucket list to make the most of your trip to the Western Australia capital city.

5 things to do in Perth for first time travellers

If you are planning a trip to Perth plan 3-5 days at least.  Here my picks on what to do in Perth for a short stay.


  • The  jewel of Perth – Kings Park
    Kings Park, the largest city park in the world, is the the green soul of Perth...
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