The Best Season to Visit Tel-aviv


Tel Aviv was always hovering something in the middle of the ever-growing list of places I wanted to visit. But in recent years, I kept hearing what a hip place it was, and how it was sort of the “San Francisco” of Israel. Stretching along a massive beach, as soon as I arrived in the city, I wanted to ditch my luggage and jump right in. Then eat.

Tel Aviv is a lively place and the vibe is decidedly different from Jerusalem. I don’t think you could visit one without the other. Whereas Jerusalem is historic, Tel Aviv has a somewhat more modern look and feel because many European Bauhaus architects fled to Tel Aviv, so there are lots of Bauhaus and Bauhaus-inspired houses and apartment buildings across the city, making this a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There are 4000 Bauhaus buildi...

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Top Things To Do In Doha- Quatar


Qatar is a thriving country in the heart of the Middle East, jutting out into the Persian Gulf. Long been known as a playground for the wealthy, Qatar attracts lovers of history, adventure, and unparalleled luxury. The capital city of Doha has blossomed into a cosmopolitan hub of tourism and business, thanks to the recent additions of sports arenas, museums, shopping malls, restaurants, luxury condos, and world-class hotels. Here we’ll explore my list for the top things to see and do in Doha. I had the pleasure of visiting on a recent trip to this fascinating city!


Go Sand Dune Bashing

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly in Doha, but it’s a MUST! And there is no better place to have a thrilling sand dune bashing adventure than in the Arabian Desert outside of Doha.

Qatar and Nami...

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Visiting Abu Dhabi? Dreamtravels4you Share Tips


Now would be the ideal time to visit Abu Dhabi as the temperature cools down and the festivities begin. Visitors from all over the world come to this glittering city of gold to enjoy modern-day delights, outlandish architecture, beautiful locales, exotic food and an ancient culture. Bookmundi presents a list of things to do in Abu Dhabi to help you include the very best sights and delights into your itineraries.

If you’re searching for an emotionally moving experience while in Abu Dhabi, all you have to do is visit the Grand Mosque. The resting place of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding president of the UAE, Grand Mosque is the third largest mosque in the world...

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10 Places You Must See If You Visit Dubai


Arguably, Dubai should rank highly at the top of a list of the world’s must-visit destinations. The city is a treasure trove for tourists, combining the mystique and history of the Arabian Desert with the gleaming amenities of a modern metropolis.

Checking off the record-breaking sites are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for tourists and a great place to start when planning a trip to Dubai. Though many cities have come close to rivaling its variety of awe-inspiring top attractions, few have been able to surpass the sheer number of outlets and types of sites that the small Emirate has to offer.

If you and your family are looking for the top things to do in Dubai during your trip, check out our list of some of best attractions, including…

  • At The Top – Burj Khalifa
  • Royal Arabian Safa...
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Traditional Brazilian Cuisine

brazilian dood

The Food in Brazil is generally a variation of the food that can be found in other South America countries.  Upon visiting Brazil, one will find that there are only variations of food that are found throughout the entire continent.

It is seldom to find food that is overly unique, but there are some delectable delights to be discovered.

Brazil was one of the last countries I planned to live in South America and being able to experience the food first hand was nothing short of a pleasure.

Understanding that Brazilians are meat lovers is the first step to appreciating the vast array of the options of food in Brazil.  A Churrascaria, a Brazilian steakhouse, is one of the mainstays of Brazilian cuisine.

The differences between cities and regions are vast in Brazil and this influences the vari...

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Top Places to Visit in Bangkok


If you thought Bangkok is only famous for its exotic nightlife and Thai massage, it’s time you give it another thought. There’s a lot moreBangkok has to offer to every kind of traveller. The capital city of Thailand is one of the most visited cities in Southeast Asia. So checkout these interesting places to Bangkok, and don’t forget to include them to your itinerary.

The Grand Palace

Located in the heart of Bangkok city, the Grand Palace is a huge complex comprising of various architectural marvels. Since 1782, the palace has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam. It is one of the most sacred sites in Bangkok, and remains a symbol of excellent craftsmanship and creativity.

Situated at the banks of Chao Phraya River, the Grand Palace is open to tourists daily between 8:30...

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